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The Hoarfrost Mystery Series

NOW all three books are available and book 1 Hoarfrost to Roses is FREE

It all began with an attempted murder of a young man, and the re-homing of a young lady to a small town along the San Juan de Fuca in 1879. A time when the American west was still wild, forests were old growth, and natives fought to preserve their homes.

Follow the Barrington and Madison families of the 1880's in this sometimes humorous, often romantic series of ghostly mysteries.

Book 1 Hoarfrost to Roses.

Adele Johansson is the town outsider, desperate for a chance at redemption... Her parents are murderers, sentenced to hang, and she must live on the charity of an aunt and uncle she barely knows. Her only hope is to marry but how can she do that when she has been forced into a society to which she doesn't belong?

Grai Madison is on the brink of inheriting a vast fortune until fate steps in... Just before Grai can take command of his grandfather's estate, he is brutally stabbed and robbed. Left for dead, he is saved by a spirit who takes control of his body to save his life.

When Adele stumbles into the ruins that shelter Grai, she finds a man whose mystery must be unraveled before his would-be killer discovers them both.

Or do they unravel their heartstrings instead?

Book 2 Night Ice

In 1880, before women earned the right to vote the strong ladies of the Pacific Northwest town of Port Summerhill, including Aunt Eloise and Adele, pool their efforts towards women's suffrage despite the ruckus coming from the saloon. That is, until a prominent spokeswoman for the movement is found dead on the back lawn of Adele's uncle's hotel.

Did Ramona Hoyt fall out the window? Or was she pushed?

Looking for a motive isn't hard in a wild territory where prohibition threatens the populace, sailors are crimped, opium is smuggled, ghosts abound, and no one knows their next door neighbor's secrets. Stick around. It's going to be a long winter

Book 3 Wind in the Wilds

Grai’s 900 acres of old-growth timber is coveted by the new lumber mill, but Grai made a promise to his grandfather that he would defend the forest and the Salish tribe who live there peacefully.

When a friend’s livery stable burns to the ground, a former deputy riles the townspeople against the Salish accusing them of arson. Grai and Adele fight to prove their innocence but the stakes intensify when a body is found in the forest of Grai's property, and a young Salish woman flees the scene.

Enjoy all three books of this series and look for more in the coming months.