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I'm changing things up a bit and working on book 3

But that doesn't mean I've stopped writing!

There are some authors who do quite well with serializing their stories but that's not my readership.

Don't worry, I don't read serialized stories either. To me, it's like a soap opera. When I read a book I want to sit down and read as much as I can until I'm finished. With my memory I would forget what was going on, who was who, or how they were entangled in the story.

That being said, instead I'm spending my time writing book 3. It's called Wind in the Wilds. Not only is Port Summerhill plagued with smugglers, opium, Chinese immigrants, and Pacific coast weather, it is also the home to native Americans. You might remember in book 1, Grai's grandfather reminded Grai to let the village tribe of S'Klallam live peacefully on the acreage they own. 900 acres of old growth forest.

Grai fought hard to preserve his land from the railroad. But now the lumber mill is seeking a place to set up. What happens when all these dynamics collide? Remember,too, there's an Indian war going on east of them and WA is still a territory.

In this tense atmosphere where personalities clash and conflicts arise, a chilling murder takes place, intensifying the already high stakes and heightening the fear of an impending war with the neighboring tribe.