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Barte son of Moshere

Barte son of Mosere, Emperor of Casdamia, is one of those grey characters that you love and hate at the same time. He spends his life making the Potamians miserable, but only because he, himself is miserable and that is because he unwillingly agrees to the dark lord's terms to save his one and only friend.

His hawk.

Barte lost his parents to witchcraft and it left him traumatized. So much so that the elders who raised him found the only solace the boy had was in his pet. And so falconry became his lifelong passion, and without his trusty hawk, he is nothing.

Barte son of Moshere is only spoken of in Rise of the Tobian Princess, but he is the unseen enemy whose army's drumbeats are heard in the distance. He is an important player in Fall of the Kings.