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Night ice

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Book 2 in the Hoarfrost Mystery Series


In 1880, before women earned the right to vote the strong ladies of the Pacific Northwest town of Port Summerhill, including Aunt Eloise and Adele, pool their efforts towards women's suffrage despite the ruckus coming from the saloon. That is, until a prominent spokeswoman for the movement is found dead on the back lawn of Adele's uncle's hotel. 


Did Ramona Hoyt fall out the window? Or was she pushed? 


Looking for a motive isn't hard in a wild territory where prohibition threatens the populace, sailors are crimped, opium is smuggled, ghosts abound, and no one knows their next door neighbor's secrets. Stick around. It's going to be a long winter.

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Customer Reviews

Trish Mastel Stricklin

6 days ago

Night Ice kept me guessing to the end

D.L. Gardner’s second Hoarfrost Mystery, Night Ice, is a fascinating read. The story brings the reader back to a small port town in the Pacific NW during the late 1880s when women have begun their struggle for the right to vote. Grai and Adele, who survived the forces of a villain in Hoarfrost to Roses, are now married. A new mystery is thrust upon them, and once again they and those they love are plummeted into danger.