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Wind in the Wilds

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Grai fought hard to preserve his land from the railroad, but now the lumber mill is seeking a place to set up. Grai’s land has old-growth trees perfect for picking but he kept a promise to his grandfather to keep the forest pristine.

When a friend’s livery burns to the ground, and the town people are led by a former deputy to believe that it was done by the Salish tribe who live on Grai’s property, Grai must prove their innocence.

 In this tense atmosphere where personalities clash and conflicts arise, the murdered body of a Salish man who has led protests against the lumbermill is discovered on Grai's estate. This intensifies the already high stakes heightening the fear of an impending war with an otherwise peaceful neighboring tribe. 

Adele and Grai must take it upon themselves to find the murderer and save their property and their town from impending hostilities.

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