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Sword of Cho Nisi Rise of the Tobian Princess Special Collectors Edition

Coming this Spring - Kickstarter only.

A deluxe leather cover with gold stamping and a case laminate hardcover with gold foil dust jacket edition of the Sword of Cho Nisi series will be available on Kickstarter starting spring 2024. Follow to get news of the launch!

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Tales of Wonder Short stories and all
You might have noticed on my home page I have a new book out. It is actually only going to be available on Kickstarter simply because I love having exclusive content for backers. But I do want to tell you a little about it in case you want to take a ...
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Fall is a season of gathering
November is the Month of Gathering
I'm not sure why it always happens like this, but every November my family reminds me of life in the busy forests where squirrels are hurriedly getting their acorns tucked away, where chatter seems to keep the creatures warm from the constantly dropp...
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Who is diendrial?
If you ever did a search for my Wordpress blog, you'll learn that it shows up as being owned by someone with the name diendrial. This all happened when I joined the Council of Elrond.Yes, my friends, I was an avid fan artist of Peter Jackson’s p...
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What? You Too?
“Friendship … is born at the moment when one man says to another “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .”― C.S. Lewis, The Four LovesThank goodness for men and women who have plodded over that road ahead of me. There are times when be...
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Who are the Four Wizards?
Who are the Four Wizards?In the mystical land of Ian's Realm, four powerful wizards have emerged to shape the destiny of the realm. These wizards possess extraordinary abilities and are revered as the guardians of magic and wisdom. Let's delve into t...
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Open the Door to Other Worlds.
I sit here at my computer and by connecting my imagination to my keyboard, I'm able to disappear from this world to another. I meet actual people with fantastical experiences unfathomable to reality but are very real none the less.All it takes is let...
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I'm going back!
Sometimes when we write books our first attempt falls flat, or so you think. But eleven years after drafting the final Ian’s Realm, I’ve gone back to the beginning. Though The Dragon Targe has some huge flaws, (like my characters needed some temperin...
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Taming the Grey Character
It’s a sad thing that a little boy has to grow up and become a monster, but that’s Hollywood for you.I’m not sure if Ivar is going to travel the same route as Anikan Skywalker. I’ve become too fond of the character but he certainly needs readjusting ...
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The Big Retail Machines
Yes. That's what they are. Machines. They're so run by bots now that they've crossed wires and confused even the most organized of authors. I wonder if there are any humans working them at all.Book selling retailers in particular.They ask you if you...
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